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A New Life with 
Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

Do heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, or obesity constantly disrupt your daily routine? Imagine a life free from the constant discomfort, missed meals, and limitations caused by these conditions. Imagine feeling confident and energetic again.

At Fertilya, we understand the emotional toll stomach issues can take. The constant worry, the fear of flare-ups, the inability to truly enjoy food – these can all wear you down. That’s why we offer gastric sleeve surgery, a minimally invasive procedure that can help you achieve lasting relief and reclaim your life.

It is Possible to Become a Mother with IVF.

Don’t despair, it is possible to become a mother with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)! IVF is a medical procedure that increases your chances of conceiving by combining sperm outside the egg to fertilize the egg. This method offers many women struggling with various infertility problems the hope of becoming a mother.

At Fertilya, we are here to offer you the best IVF experience with our experienced and specialized team, the latest technological equipment and our patient-oriented approach. Supporting you every step of the way, we do our best to help you achieve your dream of becoming a mother.









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